Massage Table There are so many benefits of massage; relaxation and for your aches and pains. Massage is an affordable preventative health care treatment that you can enjoy. Take a moment to think about that... massage is good for your overall health, AND it feels good! How can you go wrong with that?!! Regular massage can help you maintain your wellness in many ways.

In addition to massage Sacred Moments offers...

Reiki - A wonderful addition to every massage. It adds a beautiful energy to the sessions, enhancing the massage and its healing potential.

Classes – offered on a regular basis. Learn to give healing Reiki to yourself and your friends and family in a weekend class that is fun and very informative. Classes in other topics are also available. Carla Heisten is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education provider. Please contact me for details and further information about class schedules.

Reflexology - What a wonderful way to treat your feet! Do you stand on your feet a lot? Is a full massage a little more than you are ready for or are there reasons you may not want a full body session? Try a Reflexology session. Carla is fully certified in this soothing wellness modality.

Chair Massage is offered both in the office and on location. A quick chair session can release upper body aches and pains... highly effective for preventing and easing repetitive motion injuries such as computer shoulders and carpel tunnel. For employers this is a wonderful motivational tool or reward that is a perfect fit for your company’s wellness program!

Matrix Energetics is “a complete system of healing, self-care and transformation” Also called consciousness technology by its founder Dr. Richard Bartlett D.C., N.D. it is based upon the sciences of quantum physics, mechanics, scalar physics and other theoretical interesting studies. Carla has attended levels I and II more than once and is always open to the possibility of transformative miracles taking place in her sessions.

Products are available for your Enjoyment and Wellness. Do you want a pain relieving gel? How about a nice unique handcrafted gift suitable for anyone? Are you interested organic products without perservatives? Take a look at some of the items available at Sacred Moments. Gift certificates for any amount are also available!

Sacred Moments Massage is in Chelsea, Maine conveniently located only 4 miles from the East Augusta Rotary.